Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

Yes! We require up to date records on the following vaccinations:


  • Bordetella: current within 6 months to 1 year, depending on your vet’s recommendation
  • Rabies: current within 1 year or 3 years, depending on your vet’s recommendation
  • Distemper / Parvo: current within 1 year or 3 years, depending on your vet’s recommendation
What are drop-off and pick-up hours?


 To maintain a safe and well-structured environment for our canine guests and team members, we kindly ask for your strict adherence to our lobby hours for drop off and pick up. These hours are critical for maintaining the routines and safety of our guests.

Lobby Hours:

  • Mon – Fri Hours: 7:00am – 9:00am and 4:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Sat – Sun Hours: 8:00am – 10:00am and 3:00pm -5:30pm

We recommend that you plan your morning drop off/pick up to arrive at Happy Tails Dog Ranch no later than 8:50am on weekdays and 9:50am on weekends. We start moving dogs outside promptly at 9:00am on weekdays and 10:00am on weekends. 

Once our drop off/pick up hours are over, our lobby is locked, and we are unable to move dogs in and out of the facility for the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

If your arrive anytime outside our designated drop off and pick up hours, we will ask you to come back during our designated hours.

Please plan accordingly so that you avoid any frustration over our very strict policy.


When do I have to check out for boarding?

IMPORTANT: Happy Tails operates it’s reservation system like a boutique hotel.

If you are boarding and are unbable to pick up during morning hours the day of check out, your four-legged pal will receive an additional  full day of daycare play and a charge of $26 will be applied per dog.

This is similar to a late check out fee that hotels charge. Just as a hotel, our staff must have ample time to thoroughly clean and prepare the kennel suites for the afternoon check-ins.

What temperament of dogs do you accept?

Your dog must have a temperament suitable for safe and enjoyable commingled play with other dogs. Our play groups are always supervised, and when necessary, dogs are divided into groups of like temperament, size and exuberance.

We do offer solo play options for boarding dogs that prefer more one on one attention.  

Do you allow intact dogs?

 Acceptance of intact dogs is on a case-by-case basis only and at the discretion of the staff.  Intact dogs over 8 months of age will be charged an additional $10 per day.  We are not able to accommodate dogs in or nearing their heat cycle.

Do you allow puppies? Please. Please tire out this puppy.

Yes, we will care for your puppies! In fact, we love puppies so much that they can come for free doggie daycare one time per week.. Yep, you read that correctly: FREE PUPPY PLAY DAYS!

Whether you need to board them overnight or bring them in for socialization and daycare we will give them the extra attention these youngsters need.

Puppies must be fully vaccinated  for daycare and boarding visits. Please make sure to check with us prior to your first visit about what vaccinations and special requirements we have for bringing your little nugget to Happy Tails.

Should I bring my dog's food?

For daycare, if your dog needs lunch, we will happily serve them in their kennel during naptime!

Sudden changes in your dog’s diet can result in gastrointestinal upset like diarreah and vomiting.  We highly recommend bringing in your dog’s prefered food while boarding.  Please bring the amount needed for your dog’s stay (a day or two extra recommended in case your stay gets extended, or if your dog needs more food due to all the playtime).  If you choose not to bring your dog’s food,  we do offer a natural high protein dog food as recommended to us by our vets and kennel professionals.

We have special sized bins that are assigned to your dog’s personal cubbie during their stay. We will transfer any food you bring into these bins and then return your container to you at check-in.

Please talk to the staff about your preferred feeding schedule when dropping off. Feel free to bring treats or add on one of our special treat packages at an additional charge.

If you feed a raw diet or other home-cooked meals – portions must be individually packaged.

Can you give my dog medicine?

  Yes! All medications and supplements must be in their prescribed packaging with dosing instuctions.  We are not able to accept medications in plastic baggies etc.  This is a very strict requirement from PACFA ( Colorado State Regulator).  

We do not charge any additional fees for dispensing medications.

Can I bring my dog's favorite blanket or toy?

You are welcome to bring your dog’s toys, bones, and/or blankets. These items will remain in your dog’s individual kennel. We do our best to make sure they will not be accessible to other dogs, but the reality of toys slipping under the gates or other dogs stealing bones do occur.

If you bring bedding – it must be machine washable. Blankets and towels work well.

What is an Evaluation Day?

The first day of doggie daycare is considered an Evaluation Day. The best part? It’s free. Yep, we extend a complimentary day of doggie daycare to all new customers!

This is a day where we get to know your dog: their likes, dislikes, personality and demeanor around our other guests. An assesment is done so that we get the best fit of dogs together in play group.

We do not require an Evaluation Day prior to boarding, but it is highly reccommended.

Can I get a referral bonus for telling all of my friends about how great you are?

You sure can! If a new customer that brings their dogs for an evaluation day and tells us that existing customer that referred them, the person who referred them earns a referral bonus equal to a free day of daycare! So please, tell your friends about Happy Tails Dog Ranch!

Do you offer dog training?

Absolutely.  Our Certified Dog Trainer can work with you on a personalized training program.  Adding training sessions to your dog’s daycare or boarding stay is a great way to keep them engaged and learning new things.  Please  contact us to discuss your options.

*We do not currently offer any type of training for agression or destructive behavioral issues.


Where do my dogs play during daycare?

Happy Tails Dog Ranch is a unique facility.

We have 4 huge, outdoor play yards for high energy and medium energy dogs.

We have an additional 3 medium size outdoor play yards for less active,  senior dogs and littles that prefer a slower play style environment.

We just recently opened a new doggie daycare play building at Happy Tails Dog Ranch.  Our 6000 sq ft equestrian barn has been converted into a doggy daycare clubhouse, we now have two, large, inside/outside combo play yards for those days when the weather is not so great.




Absolutely love Happy Tails Dog Ranch! Today was only evaluation day but my dog had a blast! They have a small pool for him to play in and he loves it! They sent me pictures halfway through the day of him having fun! Definitely recommend!

Jessica J.

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